Tuesday, June 21, 2011

                             CAYENNE WESLEY: MOTIVATION
                                             BY: Marius MII

Cayenne Wesley is one amazingly built beauty hailing from Houston, TX. She is now settling in Atlanta, GA bka Black Hollywood to further her promising career. This multi-talented model/ actress/musician has bought heat to your local magazine stands and now focusing on her passion for acting. If she can use the motivation she used to raise our eyes in her mouth watering magazine spreads, then look out; this journey is only just the beginning for Ms. Cayenne Wesley.

LCN: Hi Cayenne, welcome to Le Crème Nation. You’re definitely in the hot seat. Are you ready? CAY: Absolutely, I stay ready!

LCN: Tell us about your background...
CAY: Well I was born and raised in Houston,TX. My parents are from Opelousas and Rayville,LA where I spent a lot of my childhood years, summers, spring breaks, ect.

LCN: Where were you born, and how was life growing up?
CAY: "Life growing up in Houston?" I had my ups and downs [ like anyone else ] but for the most part life was good. I’ve always been a free spirit .

LCN: Did you receive a formal education or attend college?
CAY: Yes, college was not an option in my family. I have a medical background. I’m about to attend acting classes this summer.

LCN: Is modeling your full-time gig, or do you have another job?
CAY: At the moment this is full-time. Actually overtime as well. (laughs).

LCN: What is it about your personality and your upbringing that makes you so passionate about modeling?
CAY: I have a very strong and sometimes stubborn personality. I was always taught that I could do what ever I set my mind to and nothing great come easy. This is something I want (mainly acting) so there's nothing in life, that will stop me from achieving that goal.
LCN: Did you pursue modeling with the hopes of being ANTM or on the runway?
If so, how did you learn to accept your role as an urban model?
CAY: Yes, I did but I’m very curvy to big for runway and to skinny for plus size. Urban modeling fits me perfect.

LCN: Who introduced you to the urban modeling industry?
CAY: My first photo shoot as a model was a test-shoot with a female photographer in Houston. I had my first "Professional" photo shoot with a photographer in Atlanta, who introduced as me to urban model; and gave me that push to purse it.

LCN: What has this year been like for you in terms of modeling work?
CAY: It's been Awesome I've been in several music videos 8 in the last 6 months, several magazines, I won "Most Slept on Model at the Knocdownent SCM Awards and even won Model of the Year at the SEA’s.

LCN: How much experience have you gotten as far as working with and meeting people in the industry?
CAY: Oh, I have gotten plenty experience and have met tons of people in the industry, that can and will help me take my career to the next level!

LCN: What has been your most memorable modeling experience?
CAY: Probably Winning “Model of the Year” at the SEA’s and Winning “Most Slept on Model" of the Year" at the KnockdownEnt SCM Awards.

LCN: How have you been accepted after being named SEA Model of the Year?
CAY:  I’ve been accepted well since named “Model of the Year”at the SEA’s it’s brought me a lot of recognition and bookings.

LCN: As an urban model, you likely deal with stereotypes. Which would you say is the worst?
CAY: That I’m a boogie (stuck-up), or a party girl (laughs)

LCN: Do you think exotic dancers and porn stars stepping into the modeling industry create a negative stereotype for models that are only focused on being just models?
CAY: Are you serious (laughs) if you wanna eat you better be doing something. I’ve danced before so I don’t see what the big deal is. It's up to each model to take pictures that they feel are tasteful . A lot of urban models "who have never danced or done porn take the most raunchy pictures, and don’t get paid for them." Sex sells....Period!!

LCN: That's true. How was it shooting for Straight Stunnin Magazine? Some people have mentioned you and model Scarlet Reyn as agubaly the two hottest to be recently featured; would you agree?
CAY: Wow!  Really? I didn't know that. Well, I guess I won't argue with the people! I'd have to go with what the people say..(smiles)  Especially if that made them become a fan...(Smiles)

LCN: What would the average person say about you?
CAY: “Cayenne” is such a sweetheart and so generous.

LCN: How would you describe the image that comes across when people look at your photos? CAY: Sexy plus Classy plus Seductive equals Classic

LCN: What keeps you motivated?
CAY:  My son and my passion to succeed.

LCN: What type of ritual or routines do you follow to relax before shooting?
CAY: Listening to music and joking with the photographer.

LCN: What would you consider your strongest attribute?
CAY:  My personality and professionalism.

LCN: What would you say sets you apart from other women in the modeling industry, with similar goals? CAY: Not to step on any toes... But, "I’m actually doing what I say I’m doing."

LCN: How many tattoos do you have?  If any would you consider getting more?
CAY: I have six, and I don’t know if I will get anymore.

LCN: Do you think some models limit their marketability by getting inked?
CAY: No, you would be surprised at how many models are inked out and are very successful. If you are doing a shoot for a company that doesn’t want you to have tattoos they photoshop it out. As a matter of fact, I've actually "lost out" on a gig, because I didn't have enough tattoos, how weird is that? Right? (laughs)

LCN: Yes, that is quite odd. What would you say has been the reception from artists at the shoots? CAY: Everyone has been completely respectful to me and we will or have worked together on other projects.

LCN: Is acting something you’re looking to attempt in the future?
CAY: Ohhhh absolutely it’s my first priority; my Passion and my main goal.

LCN: What was the last good movie you’ve seen?
CAY: (Laughs) ….The Color Purple. I don’t think there is a movie that can top it.

LCN: What actor would you love to do a movie with; and what kind of scene would you like to perform with that person?
CAY: I would love to work with Jamie Fox and it wouldn’t matter the scene, I think he is sooooo talented.

LCN: Where do you ultimately see yourself down the road?
CAY: I see myself as an actress weather it’s on the big screen or doing plays.

LCN: What are your thoughts on Hip Hop as a culture and on Rap music?
CAY:  I've found myself to be disappointed in some of the music thats being put out these days, but at the end of the day; "I love Music" and that’s all I have to say about that.

LCN: Interesting answer (laughs). Well who’s in rotation on the iPod?
CAY: I have a lot of old school like Fats Waller, Etta James, BB King, UGK, 8ball & MJG, Trick Daddy, Trina, Eve, and Mississippi Slim. I love all types of music! Next week I might have some nine inch nails, etc.

LCN: What do you consider your sexiest feature?
CAY: Well, my eyes of course! That's what I get complimented on the most!

LCN: Are you single?
CAY: At the moment I am.

LCN: What’s the one thing you look for in a man?
CAY: He has to be a go getter.

LCN: Have you ever dated someone that we may know or may have heard of?
CAY: Yessssss......(smiles)

LCN: What type of characteristics and features turns you on and off?
CAY:  I hate a guy who thinks he knows everything and I cant stand a liar . There are to many turn-ons and besides I don't want someone reading this to know all my soft spots! (laughs)

LCN: Do have a secret crush on a female entertainer or model? If so would you try her? We won’t tell. CAY: Its a Secret~ (smiles)... that's cute though.

LCN: If you had to choose one model to do a girl on girl shoot with, who would it be and why? CAY: CoCo because she hot and she’s height weight proportion with me and I just love her

LCN: Do you have any secret weaknesses or guilty pleasures?
CAY: I love to eat ice. Not quite the answer you were looking for. Right? (laughs)

LCN: Well, it really depends on what you're doing with that ice (laughs). Do you have any secret fantasies though?
CAY: Yes....yes I do, but I’m not going to tell you...(laughs)
LCN: What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever done?
CAY: I ran around out side naked in the day time (smiles).

LCN: What’s the kinkiest item you own?
CAY: (Hands over ear) What cha say honey? (laughs)

LCN: What’s one thing about yourself that everyone should know?
CAY: I’m down to earth, one of the sweetest person you can ever come into contact with, and I will always speak my mind.

LCN: What advice would you give young models looking to step into this industry?
CAY: This "bleep" ain’t as easy as it looks! It's not just about looking pretty and taking pictures,  you got to have "tough skin" to stay in and make it far in this business.

LCN: What future projects do you have up?
CAY: I’m going to be in an independent movie soon; and some other projects that I can't disclose right now. But just keep your eyes open for me and stay tuned.

LCN: Any shout outs?
CAY: Thanks for featuring me on “Le Creme Nation” Thank you to all of my fans, family, friends, followers and supporters! I Love you "ALL" without you I wouldn't have made it this far. Be sure to visit my "Official" website http://www.cayennewesley.net/  from time to time to see whats going on (New) with me, and for booking information. Also, make sure you Follow me on twitter @CayenneWesley for instant "daily updates" http://www.twitter.com/cayennewesley

Cayenne on acting: http://youtu.be/uUNUKQEON38